Google Fax

Richard Milan

By Richard Milan

Want to use your Gmail to fax? Then you’ve arrived at the right place.

I tried to get this working for me a while ago and at first it seemed a little confusing, which is why I created this website to help others.

So here are the 5 easy steps to get Google fax.

First Step

You probably have this step covered already, get an email address at

Second Step

Select and internet fax provider to handle your faxes.

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In just a few clicks you can have all your faxes sent to your Gmail; then you can view all your emails and faxes all-in-one place.

Third Step

email to fax googleAfter you select a company, log-in to your Gmail account and create a new email by clicking the Compase button on the left sidebar.

Instead of entering an email address for the receiver, you will enter the fax number you are sending the document to, followed by the providers domain (the provider will give you this information when you sign-up).

Here is an example, if you where using MyFax it would look like this:

Fourth Step

For the Subject, you can place the header of the fax.

Then you can attach a variety of files to the email, such as a PDF, Word Document, Excel, JPEG and so on. The attachment will automatically be converted as a fax.

You can also include a message in the body of the email.

Fifth Step

Review your email fax, make sure all the information is correct and click SEND.

You’ve finished sending a Google Fax!

gmail faxingBefore you get started, I wanted to cover one more area. You may have already learned that there are many free fax numbers offered online. Before I wrote this guide I tried several companies; there is always a catch.

Some catches to watch out for are having advertisements on your fax pages, limits to how many faxes you can send per day, only being able to send and not receive faxes or vice versa and so on.

Currently there is no fax service that allows free faxing through Gmail.

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Everyday there are many people who find themselves in your same situation, trying to find a solution to fax from their Gmail account. Fortunately, here you can get it all setup in just a couple of minutes.

Here are some important terms to understand.

Gmail - This is a free webmail provided by Google.

Online Fax Number - This is a fax number that does not require a landline, it is created virtually and you can send and receive faxes using this number, it works just like any other fax number, except all your faxes are delivered online.

With the growing demand of internet fax, many internet fax companies have created easy integration methods to allow you to send and receive faxes from your email. I’m happy to say that Gmail is compatible with this new technology and is always very easy to work with.